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In 1989, and later through City of Dallas Ordinance 92-0438, the Dallas Police Department transferred to the Dallas Municipal Archives, Office of the City Secretary, all police records relating to the assassination. These records have been available to researchers since the transfer. The collection contains 11,406 documents and photographs, including homicide reports, affidavits, witness statements, newspaper clippings and correspondence. The collection is also available on microfilm. The Municipal Archives possesses the original files, except those that have been transferred to the federal government permanently. 

Handling of original materials is restricted due to their fragile nature, though researchers are encouraged to use the photographs series through the Portal to Texas History digital library here. The 1992 digitized paper series is maintained on this website, though the entire collection is scheduled for re-scanning in 2010.

This site displays all of the scanned images from this collection, which were scanned in 2-bit depth at 300 dpi in the early 1990s in a pioneering digitization project. Each scan is full-screen, so that nothing was cropped. Many documents are difficult to read due to poor originals or due to the low scanning resolution. All copies of images and documents, including all generations of carbon copies, are presented to ensure the integrity of the collection. Most browsers should be able to zoom on images and resize for printing. Please contact the Municipal Archives if you are unable to view any images.

Organized according to the boxes delivered by the Police Department and arranged by the City Archivist:


Box 1    Box 2   Box 3   Box 4  Box 5  Box 5A

Box 6  Box 7  Box 8  Box 9  Box 10

Box 11  Box 12  Box 12A  Box 13  Box 14  Box 15

Box 16-17  Box 18  Box 19-20                                     Complete Index (Adobe Acrobat, 362K)

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